Jaded Hearts

Jaded Hearts

Greybeard stroked his whiskers. He was a big fellow with a big voice. "A man and little girl, you say?"

Mac nodded..... "The child is eight, looks--"

"Here's a recent photograph." Kristie flipped open her wallet to the snapshot taken at Sara's pizza parlor birthday celebration. She handed it to him.

"Hmmmm..." He tugged at his beard as he looked at it. "Gotta picture of the guy?"

Kristie shook her head. "He's my height, heavier build, black hair, dark eyes, square chin."

"They might be here, he said, returning the photo. "There was a rig pulled in yesterday. The little girl was quiet as a mouse when they checked in,"

Eyes alive with hope, Kristie glanced at Mac as he moved to a large window in the center of the rear wall.... Beyond the huge glass pane, a planked path meandered through a brush area past three small cabins, then hugged the edge of a medium-size lake. Assorted recreational vehicles were parked on one side of the wooden walkway, two float planes parked in the water on the other. "Which rig?"

"First one beyond the cabins. The others have been here most the summer." Greybeard's gaze swung back and forth between Kristie and Mac. "There aint gonna be no trouble, is there?"

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