Sagebrush Cinderella

Final book in the Lonesome Cowboy series.


On horseback, riding at a full gallop, her long hair blowing in her face, Sage Whitecloud spared the dusty pickup only a glance, concentrating instead on her escapee -- the stubborn beast! A person would think that with a name like Daisy, the water buffalo would be sweet-tempered and easy to handle.

Wrong! Dear ol' Daisy had just trampled another fence, the second this week. The big klutz was playing fast and loose with Sage’s non-existent profit margin. The animal waddled along at a determined trot, a gait so laughable Sage couldn’t sum up any real anger.

She swung her rope, the loop snaking out and dropping around Daisy’s heavy horns. Right on the money. Now if she could keep the big moocher moving in the right direction, back toward her newly battered pen.

Over her shoulder, Sage saw the driver of the pickup jump from the cab, but the swirl of dirt blocked her view. Poor guy. A water buffalo wasn't exactly the kind of animal folks expected to encounter out here on the high desert. Maybe she should stop, go back and-

No, with a ton of water buffalo on the end of her rope, she’d best just keep moving. She’d go by the house later and apologize. She’d planned to drop by the main house anyway because Ty was due-

Oh no! Had that been Ty?

She glanced back once again, saw a shock of dark hair and the confident cowboy gait she’d recognize anywhere. He was striding toward the front door, muttering to himself.

Well, she’d wanted to make an impression. Guess she’d done that, all right.